What are the benefits to being a member of the Canadian Association of Face and Body Artists?

Members of our Association represent many aspects of the face and body art Industry, from Face and Body Painters, Henna Artists, Temporary Tattoo Artists and Airbrush Face and Body Artists.

By joining our Association you are setting yourself apart, setting yourself up as part of a growing professional association which aims to bring together professional topical skin artists, in a sharing community of individuals who can learn from each other, network, and together, grow and raise the standards of the work we do.

Member Listing

CAFABA members are invited to provide us with their services and company information, which will be listed on our database, so that those looking for an artist in a specific region can find the service they are seeking. This database is also available to Event Planners – giving them for the first time ever, a central location where they can access Canadian Professionals in our fields. Another huge benefit of this database, is that you can find other artists in your area to share work with when you need to, comforted in the knowledge that they share the same professional code.

Health and Safety

We require all our members to work to the highest possible standards of hygiene, and to be knowledgeable and compliant of the regional Health and Safety requirements for their craft. In the fullness of time, CAFABA aspires to work with Health Canada’s representatives across the country to introduce a standard set of rules we can all work to in unison. For the time being, we are faced with different requirements for different parts of the country. Coming soon: Our Resources pages will feature official provincial guidelines.

Liability Insurance

We expect all our members to hold Liability Insurance. CAFABA is able to offer its members an Exclusive Liability Insurance Package which has been designed specifically for us. **Application for this insurance will also require adherence to local health and safety rules and specifically use of ONLY skin safe products – outlawing use of Black Henna or Acrylic paints on the skin. * If you choose to take insurance with alternative insurers, you will need to provide proof of your insurance coverage.

Priority Access to CAFABA-sponsored Workshops

Our website will feature priority information on workshops being held around the country, we will also be encouraging workshop organizers to give our members discounts on training opportunities. Thus, helping us all to constantly update our skill sets, building on our mission to make our members the most obviously employable to Corporate Canada.

Discounted Materials

We are encouraging suppliers of our raw materials to give discounts to CAFABA Members. You will see new suppliers being added to our resources information as it comes on line.

Jamming Opportunities

We also encourage CAFABA members who organize Painting or Henna Jams, to publicize them through our social forums, to foster a local industry community. Networking with other like minded professionals in your area allows for unique learning opportunities and for the sharing of work experiences or opportunities.

Blogging/Community Pages

Members will be invited to submit interesting and newsworthy material for review and potential inclusion in our blog or newsletters. CAFABA envisions a rich online community and will utilize varied avenues of social media to help achieve those goals. We invite all interested visitors to please join our Facebook Page: facebook.com/cafaba

Terms and Conditions

Since our Mandate is to create a better informed, more professional, better trained and technically skilled community, it is essential that members agree to abide by the simple set of terms and conditions we have laid out. Adherence to the terms and conditions of our Association is mandatory. Please note: Any member found to be breaking these will have their membership revoked immediately, with no refunds of fees. Our insurers will refuse to insure banned members.

Read our Member Agreement for full terms and conditions.

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