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By joining our Association you are setting yourself apart, setting yourself up as part of a growing professional association which aims to bring together professional topical skin artists, in a sharing community of individuals who can learn from each other, network and together, grow and raise the standards of the work we do.

PLEASE NOTE: We require up to 15 business days to process your registration. We attempt to process memberships as quickly as possible however we are volunteers with our own businesses and responsibilities, so ask for you to please respect this window accordingly. 

Membership Dues

Membership to CAFABA coincides with our exclusive group liability policy term and both are due for renewal each and every May 15. Both the Liability Policy and the Membership can be purchased at any time of the year, according to the following:

Membership Info Join from April 1-Nov 14 Join from Nov 15-Mar 30
CAFABA Member $50 (expires May 14, 2020) $25 (expires May 14, 2020)
Insurance Policy* (offers pro-rated
entry points every 3 months)
$350 (Please visit Insurance Page) $175 (Please visit Insurance Page)

* Please note that the Exclusive Liability Insurance Package is invoiced separately by the Insurers. Prices are in Canadian Dollars and are subject to change according to the Insurers.

Membership benefits, as outlined on this website, including access to the CAFABA group insurance policy, Member Listing on our website, priority access & special offers to CAFABA related workshops (when available).

Membership Entry Points:
Join from April 1-Nov 14 with expiration May 14, 2020. $50
Join from Nov 15-Mar 30 with expiration on May 14, 2020. $25

Terms and Conditions

To support our Mandate to create and maintain a community of artists at the top of their professional ability, it is essential that we work to a common set of guidelines. To this end we have compiled a simple list of terms and conditions, which we believe demonstrates the type of practitioner we wish to support as part of our Association.

Please read through the Member Agreement terms and conditions CAREFULLY. You will be required to agree to them ALL in order to apply for membership of The Canadian Association of Face and Body Artists. Failure to comply with these terms will result in your membership being revoked immediately without refund, and the immediate termination of your CAFABA Group Insurance policy.

CAFABA Member Agreement

As a registered Member of the Canadian Association of Face and Body Artists, I agree to:

  • Uphold and abide by the Mandate of the Association
  • Use ONLY skin safe cosmetics, manufactured to and compliant with FDA Guidelines
  • Use ONLY Henna mixed with natural ingredients either by the artist or purchased from a known, reputable supplier and free of ANY chemical stain enhancer
  • Purchase Liability Insurance for my topical skin craft activities
  • Use only my own work on all promotional materials, including websites and portfolios, and to credit other artists where their permission has been granted to use a third party’s images.
  • Respect other members
  • Represent and promote CAFABA to the best of my ability
  • Follow best employment practice
  • Deal fairly with my colleagues
  • Be prepared to add value to the running of CAFABA if I have the time and ability to do so.

I further agree NOT to:

  • Misrepresent CAFABA and any of the membership, or in any way bring The Association into disrepute.

Ready to Register?

For your convenience, we offer registration and payment online! Click the button below to proceed to our online Registration Form. Once completed, you will be prompted to pay for your CAFABA membership using Paypal.

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To register using a different method of payment, please send an email to to receive further instructions.

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