Amazing Body Artists Emerge at Bodyssey 2010 in Calgary!

Before we say anything else.  THANK YOU to everyone who supported Bodyssey, either by attending, taking part, volunteering to help, being a model, being an instructor, attending the gala or sponsoring us.  The event was a HUGE success, and we are very proud indeed to have revealed some extremely talented face and  body artists who will no doubt, become well known in our business and be the instructors of the future.

Winners in the competitions were very well deserved.  The work displayed on the runway was mindblowingly good, and frankly, we expect to see some of these artsists competing at the World Championship Level almost immediately.  Little did we know that we were hiding enormous talent here in Canada.

More photos can be found at Inner Spirit Photography.

Visit the Bodyssey 2010 website.

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