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CAFABA is the hub for face and body painters, henna artists, and those looking to connect with temporary body art professionals in Canada. Our site outlines our mandates and standards, to establish a safe and professional foundation for our artists to work from.

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Start by reading the Member Benefits to see what CAFABA has to offer (such as exclusive liability insurance, access to resources, support from your peers and promotion of your business)!
For membership types, terms and dues go to the How to Join page. From there you will be able to begin the online registration and payment process.

CAFABA sponsored Bodyssey conference.

One of our mandates has always been to provide opportunities for our membership to learn new skills from trusted and respected industry leaders. Bodyssey is our signature conference, which was first hosted in Toronto 2009. Bodyssey then moved to Calgary in 2010, followed by a hiatus till 2016, when the event moved to Banff, AB. The Rockies proved to be a wonderful location for the next 2 Bodyssey conferences (2016 & 2018). Our next Bodyssey conference is loosely scheduled for April 2022, and we will move the location back to Ontario, hoping to secure a venue in Niagara Falls. Please visit www.bodyssey.ca for all the details as they are released, and keep up to date with our official Bodyssey Facebook Page!

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